What are my responsibilities?

Responsibilities with a Scholarship

As a recipient of the Gateways Scholarship Program, your responsibilities are to:

  1. Read the Gateways Scholarship Program FAQ.
  2. Submit the Gateways to Opportunity Scholarship Program pdf Participant Class Schedule Form (495 KB) , each term, to the Gateways Scholarship Program prior to the start of classes. Until your classes have been authorized, your school will hold you responsible for the full cost of tuition.
    Semester Hour Schools Authorization Timeframes Quarter Hour Schools Authorization Timeframes
    Fall Semester: July 1st-August 31st Fall Quarter: July 1st-September 30th
    Spring Semester: October 1st-January 15th Winter Quarter: November 1st-January 15th
    Summer Semester 1: April 1st-May 31st Spring Quarter: February 1st-April 30th
    Summer Semester 2: July 1st - July 31st Summer Quarter I: July 1st-July 31st
      Summer Quarter II: July 1st-August 15th
  3. Send in your grade reports at the end of each semester or term.
  4. Pay your portion of the tuition to your college or university. 
  5. Complete your contract period by sending in grade reports or official transcripts. Contracts end June 30th each year. See FAQ for more information.
  6. Fulfill your work commitment to early care and education or school-age care as follows:
    • Six months for completion of a coursework contract
    • One year for degree completion
    • One year for certificate, approval, or endorsement completion

    Your work commitment period must be completed in one of the following settings:

    • IDCFS licensed full-day, full-year family/group child care home or center
    • IDCFS licensed school-age program operating a minimum of nine months a year
    • ISBE funded Preschool for All program     

Scholarship recipients who do not complete their work commitment period in an eligible early care and education or school-age care program are responsible for reimbursing Gateways the cost of their last contract.

The commitment period begins at the completion of the contract period. All scholarship contracts end on June 30.


pdf Now That You're Eligible for the Gateways Scholarship Program (320 KB)

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