ECE Credentials

ECE Credentials

ECE Credential Level 1

The ECE Credential Level 1 is a great place to start if you are just beginning your career in early care and education. It can be earned by taking a series of 16 trainings offered online at i-learning or locally through your CCR&R. There is no fee to apply for the ECE Credential Level 1, no transcripts are needed, and it is available in Spanish!

To complete the ECE Credential Level 1 training online you must first be a Gateways Registry Member. Then log in at the Gateways i-learning website where you can take all 16 modules online.

To find an in-person training in your area search the Gateways Training Calendar by typing "ECE Credential" in the keywords.

To find an ECE Credential Level 1 training in Spanish near you, search the Gateways Training Calendar by typing "Credencial ECE Nivel 1 " in the keywords.

Once you have completed all 16 modules your Gateways ECE Credential Level 1 will be automatically awarded to you. Your Credential will automatically show up on your Registry Professional Development Record (PDR).  You can print your PDR as proof of your Credential attainment.    

ECE Credential Levels 2-6

You can earn the Gateways ECE Credential Levels 2-6 by compiling your education and experience or attending an entitled institution and completing the required coursework.

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ECE Credential Levels 2-6
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