A Professional Development Advisor (PDA) is an experienced professional who will assist you with planning and achieving your career goals. A PDA can guide you through developing a Professional Development Plan and share information about colleges and universities in your area that offer coursework in early childhood. A PDA can also help you decide which certification could be best for you, or help you navigate various Gateways to Opportunity Programs.

Both Individual Advisement and Center Advisement are available. During Individual Advisement, a PDA will work with a participant one-on-one. Center Advisement requires that the owner or director of an early care and education program submits a request so that a PDA can work with multiple employees at the same site.

PDA services are Free.

Yes! A PDA has extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of: Early care and education, school-age, Head Start, and Early Head Start. A PDA can assist by guiding you to resources regarding specific licensing regulations for various types of programs and positions.

If you would like to explore your career options, a PDA can help. With extensive experience, a PDA is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about early care and education or school-age care opportunities, including working in public schools.

A PDA is familiar with a variety of degree programs and is available to share their knowledge on how to complete a degree.

A PDA can discuss the various credentials available and lead you to resources about how to obtain them. 

Excelerate Program

ExceleRate Illinois helps you prepare children for success in school and in life.

It also provides standards, guidelines, resources and supports to help you make sensible changes that lead to better quality outcomes for children.