Technical Assistance Toolbox

Toolbox Overview

The Gateways to Opportunity Technical Assistance Credential (TA) Competency Toolbox includes a variety of resources supporting assessment within a competency-based system.

Toolbox Organization

Toolbox organization is based on the 7 Gateways Content Areas:

  • CPD: Curriculum or Program Design
  • FCR: Family and Community Relationships
  • HGD: Human Growth and Development
  • HSW: Health, Safety and Well-Being
  • IRE: Interactions, Relationships, and Environments
  • OA: Observation and Assessment
  • PPD: Personal and Professional Development

In addition, the TA Credential has 7 additional Gateways Content Areas specific to relationship-based professional development, coaching, mentoring, and technical assistance:

  • LPS: Leadership and Professional Skills
  • C: Communication
  • AL: Adult Learning
  • CR: Collaborative Relationships
  • RP: Reflective Practice
  • AP: Assessment and Planning
  • CP: Change Process

Assessments are included within each content area. The Assessments provided correspond to credential Levels (Level 4, 5, and 6). Faculty select Assessments based on alignment between targeted competency and the highest leveled Assessment target.

Please note: Titles for each Assessment include Level and in some cases, Assessments include multiple choices for each level.


Master Rubrics

Master Rubrics are provided for each of the competencies included within the 7 Gateways TA Content Areas. Assessments can be designed based on using Master Rubrics in their entirety, or by using a unique compilation rubric rows.

Master Rubric Organization

Each Master Rubric includes the targeted competency in the column to the far left. Columns from left to right denote varying levels of proficiency for each targeted competency.

Master Rubric Color Coding Scheme

Master Rubrics are color coded based on Credential Levels rubric rows align to:

  • Level 4 = Beige
  • Level 5 = Blue
  • Level 6 = Purple
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