Gateways Credentials

Application Status

If you have submitted an application to Gateways to Opportunity, you can see your application status online by logging into your Registry Member dashboard and clicking on the Apply Section. There are many reasons that your application can be pending. Some reasons require action on the part of the applicant. Check your application status and use the definition list below for explanation.

All Applications – Pending Reasons

Missing Documents: The application/supplement is missing completely or some information on the application/supplement is missing, required documentation (including official transcripts) has not been included, or for Credentials, the fee may also be missing.  Applicants can print the missing document letter with specific details by logging into the Registry Member Dashboard.

Online Submission: The applicant applied online and needs to mail the Online Application packet with the required documentation. The Online Application packet can be printed by logging into the Registry Member dashboard.   

Awaiting Counselor: The application(s) has not been reviewed for eligibility.

Eligible: The application has been reviewed and deemed eligible based on information provided by the applicant. Applicants will receive an email notification of eligibility. For Credentials, the Credential will be mailed and appear on the applicant’s Professional Development Record.

Ineligible: The application has been found ineligible in the program that they have applied for. The applicant can print the ineligible letter, which has specific details, by logging into the Registry Member dashboard. The applicant should contact their Counselor if they have questions about this determination.

Credential Applications – Pending Reasons

Awaiting Grid Review: College coursework and trainings are currently being reviewed for eligibility.

Course Description: The applicant has been asked to acquire course descriptions for courses listed on their official transcripts, or provide additional information for courses specific to the applicant (i.e. student teaching, practicums, seminars, internships).

Currently Taking Coursework: The applicant is currently taking coursework in order to meet the Education and Training component of the Credential(s).

Awaiting Additional Coursework: College coursework and trainings have been reviewed, and it has been determined that the applicant needs additional coursework and/or training to meet eligibility requirements.

Awaiting HS/GED Verification:  A copy of the applicant’s High School Diploma or GED is needed to complete the Credential process.

Awaiting Portfolio: Awaiting ECE Level 6 Professional Contributions &/or Skill Areas or IDC Level III Area of Specialized Expertise.

Awaiting Work Experience: Applicant has been asked to submit work experience forms.

Ready to Award: An application has been reviewed and deemed eligible.

Online Application: Thank you for applying online. Your application has been received. Please check your email that may have a letter asking for additional information.

Gateways Scholarship and Great START Applications – Additional Pending Reasons

Applied too Early: The applicant submitted a renewal application(s) prior to approved acceptance date for his/her application. The application was entered but will be held for eligibility review until that renewal cycle opens up. 

Awaiting Additional Documentation: The application/supplement is missing completely, some information on the application/supplement is missing, required documentation has not been included, or additional information is needed based on what has been submitted.

Awaiting State Funding: This indicates all items necessary to make an eligibility determination have been received, however no final decision can be made until funding has been received.


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