Gateways Credentials

To renew four or more Credentials, you will need an additional 15 clock hours of related* training (or 1 semester hour of related* coursework) specific to each Credential being renewed.

# of credentials: # of clock hours of training or coursework:
Four Credentials 60 hours of training (or 4 semester hours of coursework)
Five Credentials 75 hours of training (or 5 semester hours of coursework)

Six   Credentials

90 hours of training (or 6 semester hours of coursework)
Seven Credentials 105 hours of training (or 7 semester hours of coursework)


*Related coursework and training topics by Credential type:

  • ECE Credential: topics related to young children birth through age eight.
  • Infant Toddler Credential: topics related to children birth to three and their families.
  • Illinois Director Credential: topics related to program administration, ECE, and/or school-age development.
  • Family Child Care Credential topics related to family child care, ECE, and/or school-age development.
  • Family Specialist Credential: topics related to family development, family services, and/or working directly with families.
  • School-Age & Youth Development Credential: topics related to school-age and/or youth development ages 5 through 16.
  • Technical Assistance Credential: topics related to relationship-based professional development, coaching, and/or mentoring.


Excelerate Program

ExceleRate Illinois helps you prepare children for success in school and in life.

It also provides standards, guidelines, resources and supports to help you make sensible changes that lead to better quality outcomes for children.