Glossary - R

  • [R]: iTransfer web site symbol for Receiving Only institutions.
  • Receiving Institution: The college or university to which a student transfers; not the student's first institution of enrollment.
  • Receiving Only Institution: A participating institution that will grant credit to incoming transfer students who completed the transferable Illinois General Education Core Curriculum, but that does not itself offer the courses in the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum.
  • Regional Administration for Children and Families (ACF): These are the regional federal ACF Head Start offices that work closely with all of the country’s 12 regions. Regional ACF Offices fund and monitor Head Start and Early Head Start programs in their designated states. Illinois is part of Region V and the ACF office for this region is located in Chicago.
  • Registry: A central tracking system that lists professional development opportunities and maintains records of practitioners’ professional attainments.
  • Regulated care: A general term that covers all forms of rules that are applied to center-based programs and family child care homes, including: building safety approvals; fire safety approvals; sanitation approvals; licensing; funding requirements; criminal records checks; and child abuse and neglect clearances.
  • Reliability: The degree that a response on the same task will produce the same results or scores.
  • Requirements for Graduation: A set of requirements that must be accomplished before a degree is awarded. These requirements may be specific to a degree program (such as a certain number of credits in particular courses), or specific to the institution. Both the associate and the bachelor's degrees usually consist of three parts: general education requirements, major requirements, and general graduation requirements unique to the institution. Also include stipulations regarding grades, residency, or competency.
  • Reimbursement rate: The amount paid by the IDHS to a provider caring for children through the Illinois Child Care Assistance Program. The reimbursement rate is currently determined by the age of the child, the type of care setting and the geographic location of the program.
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