Professional Development Advisory Council

Workforce Development and Pathways Committee


  • Goal 1: Strengthen alignment of state’s professional development system tied to cohesive career pathways that fully support entry and progression across varied sectors of the field.
  • Goal 2: Explore cohort and other successful models impact on pathways to attainment of the Gateways to Opportunity Credentials and/or degree attainment and/or Professional Educator License.
  • Goal 3:  Increase access to Gateways programs and services by reviewing data to understand and identify barriers and opportunities of various communities (e.g. rural communities, low-income, race, ethnicity, etc., and workforce access to enrolling in school to Gateways Credentials).
  • Goal 4:  Broaden the workforce pipeline through a range of strategies.
  • Goal 5: Create a range of feedback loops and mechanisms for the workforce to provide input into and to inform programs/processes.

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