Child Care Workforce Bonus


Child Care Workforce Bonus

On Monday, September 13, 2021, the Governor announced a Child Care Workforce Bonus program to recognize the efforts of child care staff who served and continue to serve children and families in person during the pandemic. This bonus is funded by federal pandemic relief funds and will be administered through the Illinois Department of Human Services and Illinois Network of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (INCCRRA). The Child Care Workforce bonus will provide bonuses of up to $1,000 for eligible child care providers.  

Applications are open in the Registry Director Portal Monday October 25, 2021 - March 11, 2022.   

There is no rush to apply for the Child Care Workforce Bonus.  All programs found eligible between October and March will be paid a bonus.  Programs, especially those with multiple staff will need to consider when is best to apply, we encourage programs to apply when they are closest to fully staffed. Read the  pdf frequently asked questions (420 KB) to prepare for application and to help determine what month is best for your program to apply.  

pdf Child Care Workforce Bonus Flyer (328 KB)  - pdf (Spanish) (330 KB)
pdf Child Care Workforce Bonus FAQ (420 KB) - pdf (Spanish) (393 KB)

Use the following tip sheets specific to provider type to help you prepare for applying for a bonus:


Child Care Workforce Bonuses will be available to all staff in:

Programs will apply to receive funds for their staff and should expect to receive sufficient funding to administer bonus amounts of approximately $750-$1200 per staff member. Funding will include a percentage for payroll taxes, and non-teaching staff as well. 

Programs will be able to apply for this one-time bonus between October 2021 and March 11, 2022. 

Licensed Family Child Care, Licensed Centers and License-exempt Centers who care for Children on CCAP
Things you can do to prepare for the Child Care Workforce Bonus Application:

  1. The application process will be available through the Gateways Registry Director Portal.  If you do not currently have access to the Director Portal request access today! Simply complete the Access Request Form and upload it as an attachment using the Help Center request form.  It takes 2-3 business days to process an Access Request Form. 
  2. Review and update your staff listing in the Director Portal and encourage your staff to update their Gateways Registry information so award amounts can be as accurate as possible.  It is always good to check and update your staff listing at least once a month.  Remove individuals that no longer work at your program, and make sure the current staff are listed in your portal. See this Help Center article for more information.
  3. Read the  pdf frequently asked questions (420 KB) ! This document will help answers many of your questions and prepare you to submit a complete and correct application.  
  4. The following items are required to complete a new grant application.

License-Exempt Centers caring for children on CCAP and License-Exempt Non-Relative Homes caring for children on CCAP:

  1. Complete required Health and Safety Training to care for children on the Child Care Assistance Program. Details on the required training can be found here. License-exempt centers and license-exempt homes must have completed this training to be eligible to receive Child Care Workforce Bonuses.
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